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Located in Woodbine Square, Calgary

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Follow us on twitter!

Woodbine Optometry is now on Twitter.  Follow us @woodbineoptom to receive interesting facts, articles and videos about how our eyes work. You will learn about eye conditions, eye foods that are healthy for your eyes, eye care services available to Albertans, updates on new and upcoming technologies in spectacle lenses and much more! We will also inform you of promotions in our office and keep you updated on on eye wear collections.


COVID-19 Update – Updated July 12, 2021

Thank you to our patients in helping us to provide a safe environment at Woodbine Optometry during the COVID-19 pandemic. As Alberta transitions into stage 3 reopening, we will be continuing most of our COVID-19 protocols for the time being.

Please CLICK HERE for further details on what to expect when you come to see us.

Please note that masks are no longer a requirement but we encourage those who can wear a mask to please continue to do so.

Thank you for trusting us with your eye care needs!